Branding Starts with a Great Toll Free Vanity Number

Why do hundreds of National Companies rely on Memorable Vanity Numbers as their "front door" for new business? Think of how many of these companies' vanity numbers you already have memorized: 800-Go Fed Ex, 800-Pick UPS, 800-Contacts, 800-DirecTV, 800-Progressive, 800-Pet Meds, 800-Dentist, 800-Flowers, 800-The Card, 800-ServPro, 800-Steemer, 800-Go Uhaul, 800-Sandals and 800-Got Junk to name just a few.

A vanity number can give you this same advantage over your competition.

Because of 585-Big-Ring's "Shared-Use Routing" even the smallest business can afford to have a high quality vanity number because you are now able to share the cost with others in the same industry, but in different market areas. You only pay for the vanity number for the territory you want to receive the calls from!

Your easy to remember vanity number will keep customers out of the phone book, off Google search, and away from your competitors' advertisements. Why? Because it is redundant to "search for a number you already know."

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