1. How does the process work?

It’s simple. You select the 585-Big-Ring number that best describes your business. Then, you select the territory you wish to receive calls from. The website will process your monthly fee including discounts. Then you can choose to reserve the 585-Big-Ring number for your territory for 48 hours. We’ll send you the actual agreement based on your selections via email or fax. Upon our receipt of the signed agreement, your 585-Big-Ring number will be activated for your territory.

2. Where should I advertise my 585-Big-Ring number?

Once you have secured your 585-Big-Ring number, you should consider the many ways you can inexpensively promote it so potential customers will begin to memorize your 585-Big-Ring number through repeated exposure. Many businesses begin with vehicle signage, banners, storefront signs, pens and “giveaways” and direct mail. Eventually you will want to consider the impact the number will have for traditional advertising such as billboards, radio, television, print, newspaper, and Yellow Pages.

3. Can we keep our local number?

Yes! The 585-Big-Ring number rings directly to your local number or cellular number.

4. Can my 585-Big-Ring number have more than 7 digits?

Only the first 7 digits register. Just like 800-Progressive or 800-Jeep Eagle, the remaining digits after the first seven are just there to make it memorable. However, most cell phones do not complete the call if there are too many letters.

5. How long until the number is activated to my phone line?

Whenever you would like it to be!

6. Can I transfer the rights if I sell my business?

Yes. The 585-Big-Ring number and the branding you have created with it becomes a very valuable asset of your company. As an asset you will sell your rights to it along with your other business assets.